Sunday, June 18, 2006

Ferrante and Teicher - Blast Off!

Here's one that was featured in the infamous "Incredibly Strange Music" books. Definitetly one of Ferrante and Teicher's most interesting LPs, and great cover art! I found this one for a buck at the local Goodwill about 10 years ago. Interestingly, this album appears to have been recorded in mono only, which is a shame, because many of the dynamics of it certainly lend to a stereo recording. Here is "Blast Off!" direct from vinyl!

Blast Off!


Unknown said...

Wow! Thanks a lot for this album, been looking for their wilder stuff for a while. I can't believe nobody has commented yet.

Thanks again, love your blog by the way.

Bill said...

I don't know if this album was ever released in stereo on vinyl, but it was recorded in Stereo and released on CD, and I agree. Wild and wonderful stuff for 1959!! Thanks for the splendid scan of the cover, it will look great on my iPod!

00100 said...

This has been on my Top Ten list for years. Holds up to repeat listening. 'Bye Bye Blues' is my favorite. 's Wonderful is nice, too.

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