Shakin' Fit!

Back by request for a limited time only, this long out-of-print gem has some amazing soul stompin' cuts. Don Gardner's "My Baby Likes to Boogaloo"?!!?! YEOW!

Shakin' Fit


Horst said…
Holy Cow! Great stuff. Many thanks. If you have time could you repost any or all of the following? Land of 1000 Dunces, Jungle Exotica Volume 2, and The Wild Wild World of Mondo Movie Music. Thanks again Mondo Loco.

Mondo Loco said…
I will, but only if they are unavailable and completely out of print. Please let me double-check my records. Shakin' Fit is. It appears that Jungle Exotica 2 still may be in print, however.

jon said…
utterly wonderful! Anything more like this? Thanks so much!
Tiki said…
Thank you! Great blog! Your efforts are greatly appreciated!!
RYP said…
hey mondo loco,
Forbidden Pigs "Una Mas Cerveza" is up!
Mr Fab said…
OH YEAH. From the days when r'n'b stood for "rythmn and blues" not really "really bad"!
Ann O'Dyne said…

I am going around all the links with Reverend Frost
of Spread The Good Word
the music blog
to let everyone know he is in trouble (of the homeless web-less kind)
and to suggest that if everybody could PayPal him even ONE EURO (100+ people link to him)
he would be paid back for all the tracks we have downloaded from his blog.
Peace and love ...
mattman said…
Hi there, this is my first time writing to a blog, I am a daft Scotsman with no idea what I'm doing. Is there any way I can download a track from here? I am desperate for a copy of Davis Jones & the Fenders - Boss with the Hot Sauce. Can anyone help me? I will drop pants for music!
Mondo Loco said…
Hi Mattman,

No reason to drop trou. I'll email you the track!


Mondo Loco
Bridger said…
Hey, is there anyway you could re-upload Shakin' Fit? I'm dying to get my hands on it.

By the way, this seems like a great blog, I'd love to see you continue it.
Bridger said…
I tried posting this before, but I'm not sure if it got through, so I'll try again. Anyway, is there anyway you could re-upload this? I love "My Baby Loves to Boogaloo," and would like to hear what else this comp has to offer. Thanks.
Mondo Loco said…
Try the link. It seems to be working fine.