Monday, October 26, 2009

Attack of...Mushroom People!

I have never seen this album in my life. And believe me, I've seen hundreds of thousands of albums. This one appeared to me at a thrift/used clothing store for 99 cents. Of course, with a name like "Attack of...Mushroom People!" and group names like the Wow Wow Hippies, how can you resist? Anyway, this is chock full of Japanese garage rock...some sung in English, most in Japanese. Couldn't find a year on it, but my guess is that it's early 1990s. Enjoy this rarity!

Track - Artist
1. Brand New Cadillac — Go-Go 3 with the Beat Mint 4
2. Namida No Okurimono — Gathers
3. Koi No Dancehall — Cheese
4. You Can't Sit Down — Pinkies
5. Little Shimmy Brown — The Strikes
6. Do Shite Bokuo Erandano? — Mammys
7. My Funny Honey — Hippy Hippy Shakes
8. Boku WA Collector — The Collectors
9. Koi No Majutsushi — Time Machine
10. Neon Lights — Yuji Okiyama
11. Tokyo Night — The Poodles
12. Telstar — Bravo Komatsu
13. Flying Jelly Attack — Shonen Knife
14. Honey Boy — Baby Baby
15. The Ancient Hours — The Phantom Gift
16. Bad — The Twenty Hits
17. Tolkin' Planet Sandwitch — The Red Curtain
18. Love Helicopter — Love Helicopters
19. Birds Pale Eyes — The Muddy Lamps
20. Aisare-Takute — Eva-01
21. Blue Mayonnaise — The Wow Wow Hippies
22. In Your Season — Mutant Monster Beach Party

Attack of...Mushroom People!


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Hey man, i`m just finding your blog, and is great!! Wau, have a lot of rarities here. i took a ride for here and tell you: thanks for this excelents and unknows pearls man!
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I just went through and downloaded a few of your offerings. Great stuff-thanks.

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