Monday, June 12, 2006

The Happy Moog!

Get yer Moog on! Great track names on this one!

From the liner notes of this funky LP:
"The electronic device that has created a musical revolution. It has sparked a fantastic new concept in popular and classical music. It's the logical evolution of a music scene that's plugged into the electric age. Bach is a groove on this instrument, but it's got other colors in its electronic palette of sound. The world needs love, and this Moog Synthesizer can get with the heart and flowers scene like crazy. This is The Happy Moog!"

Obvious references to Wendy (Walter) Carlos' sublime "Switched On Bach" LP, The Happy Moog was created in 1969 by Jean Jacques Perrey and Harry Breuer.

1. March of the Martians
2. Paris 2079
3. Re-Entry to the Moon
4. Moog Foo Young
5. Blast Off Country Style
6. Saturn Ski Jump
7. Space Express
8. In a Latin Moog
9. In a Happy Moog
10. Short Circuit

Straight from wax!

The Happy Moog! (GigaSize)

The Happy Moog! (Rapidshare)


Adam Infanticide said...

thanks! I've been looking for this one for some time.

Brady said...


Seeing this post was the happiest surprise in a long time. Thanks for posting!

muse1453 said...

I also would like to say thanks for this one. I am happy to get to listen to The Happy Moog at last.

Erin said...

Great post! Seeing as you know music so well, I thought you would totally dig, a great place to listen to vintage music or at least "Tune In. Turn On. Make Out."

Erin said...

Hey man, great post! Seeing as you know vintage music so well, I thought you would dig, a great place to for cool tunes, especially good ones to make-out to.

Enjoy : )

Erin said...

Great post! Seeing as you know music so well, I thought I'd introduce you to, a great place to "Tune In. Turn On. Make Out."

Sandra said...

I had about given up on the Happy Moog. I have the 33 LP album but nothing to play it on. I am SO grateful for your upload and my ability to download. THANK YOU!

marco said...

As you are saying, it's straight from wax, I am wondering about track order. From several internet sources I keep getting a different order:

A1 Space Express
A2 Short Circuit
A3 Paris 2079
A4 In a Latin Moog
A5 Moog Foo Young
B1 Re-entry to the Moon
B2 Saturn Ski Jump
B3 In a Happy Moog
B4 Blast-off Country Style
B5 March of the Martians

Can you explain this?

Best wishes from Berlin!

marco said...

And, thanks for making this available, of course! I got it from a friend, in MP3 format. Since it has the same track order as your post, I assume that it originally came from here.

jef said...

Can you re-encode it from vinyl as Apple ACC lossless?

Dakota said...

Marco's track listing is correct. The track names are incorrect (though the order is right) for this download. Awesome album though, thanks!