Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Jim & Tammy - Oops! There Comes a Smile

Yes, that Jim and Tammy. Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker present children's songs and stories in a very Marcy vein in this 1975 LP. Undeniably weird, especially the first side. And what about the cover art? The stuff of nightmares! Another Goodwill find...enjoy!

Side 1
1. The Joy of the Lord
2. What a Wonderful Day That Will Be
3. Oops! There Comes a Smile
4. Happiness is the Lord
5. God is Watching You
6. Do Lord
7. I Wonder
8. Heaven is a Wonderful Place
9. Praise the Lord
10. God's Not Dead

Side 2
11. The Pearl of Great Price
12. Noah's Ark


Side One
Side Two
Cover Art

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Kip W said...

I have video of them flogging Susy Moppet on the PTL Club, and I've shared it with friends. One day one of these friends called and said he was at a flea market and had just bought me a Susy Moppet. I paid him back, of course, and display her proudly in my office. She has a little record player inside her hideous little body. One side says a half dozen idiotic things, and the other side (two sided! wow!) is that "Oops! there comes a smi-yull" song.

And if that wasn't enough, I'm about to try downloading this album. Thanks, I think.