Monday, June 16, 2008

How to CB

Breaker One-Nine, Good Buddy!

I found this one at the local Goodwill several years ago  and couldn't resist posting it. As a kid in the 1970s, I vividly remember my dad jabbering away on his CB radio in our Ford Econoline van during a few cross-country trips. Unfortunately, the van was broken into and the CB stolen in Chicago, and I don't think he ever replaced it. CB radios are still strong with truckers, but rarely does the phenomenon cross to four-wheelers. Back in the mid-to-late '70s, it was HUGE. My cousin even published a book on CB lingo back then.

This record is particularly funny because of announcer Leif Jensen's big, bold reads of the CB lingo of the time. Enjoy, and step back about 35 years ago......back before GPS, cell phones, Smokey and the Bandit and Cannonball Run!

Track listing:
1. CB Introduction and Equipment
2. Part 95...Breaking a Channel
3. Ten Code...CB Terms (Part I)
4. CB Exercises One & Two
5. Radio Check...Mayday Call
6. Call For: Directions/Road Conditions/Police Report
7. CB Exercises #3, 4, 5
8. CB Terms (Part II)
9. CB No-No's/Etiquette
10. Close

How to CB


Adam Eleven said...

This is really strange, many thanks. I now recall a silly German children's book from my youth - featuring a bunch of teenage CB freaks carrying around massive walkie talkies and 'solving' nonsense pseudo-crimes ('Die Funkfüchse'). What a great shit...*nostalgic sigh*

Chardman said...

Thanks for posting this! I have had this LP for years and was planning on ripping it and sharing, but now I don't have to. I have used it in my live mix radio shows for quite a while and it's a really fun record.