Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Marcy - Sing with Little Marcy at Home

Here's part three of the Groove Grotto's four-part Marcy spectacular! Stee-raight from vinyl. Feel the power!

1. I'll Be a Sunbeam Bright
2. God's Love
3. Shining Stars
4. When I Say My Prayer
5. Noah and the Ark
6. All Things Bright and Beautiful
7. God's Childhood Handiwork
8. Show a Little Bit of Love and Kindness
9. Just Like Me
10. A Soldier for Jesus
11. Do What You Can Where You Are
12. Trust in the Lord
13. Spend a Little Time with Jesus in Prayer
14. I Love the Sweet Story

Sing with Little Marcy at Home (GigaSize)

Sing with Little Marcy at Home (Rapidshare)


kerppu said...

Wow...I'm gonna listen to all of these one after the other and see what kind of effect it will have on me!
Thanks again!

Mondo Loco said...

My final Marcy post will be tonight. Be forewarned — the effect could be quite disturbing.