Monday, June 19, 2006

Marcy - Sing-Along With Marcy

Here's part two of a four-part Marcy spectacular. This one is a strong contender for world's most disturbing cover art. Matching outfits? A ceramic deer? A note from Dale Evans? I even like the big honkin' $3.98 price tag. Another wild thing is that there are a minimum of 16 Marcy albums (they're pictured on the back of my next Marcy post)! Marcy somehow cranks out 16 syrupy-sweet tracks in just over 20 minutes.... straight from thrift store vinyl!

1. Everybody Ought to Know
2. Daniel in the Lion's Den
3. Kiddies with the Curl on Top
4. Be Careful What You Do
5. I've Found a Wonderful Friend
6. Heaven Came Down and Glory Filled My Soul
7. I Know Who Holds the Future
8. Near the Cross
9. Am I in Heaven
10. Wake Up
11. I Tuned In On Heaven
12. It's a Wonderful, Wonderful Life
13. God is Love
14. I Have the Joy
15. Oh, It Is Wonderful
16. When You Pray

Sing-Along with Marcy


Z said...

Thanks for restoring my faith in Him.

Mondo Loco said...

Hallelujah, Brutha Z!!!!

mary said...

i didn't download this scary lp...but as i was passing it by i noticed that the heathen made itself known (the stag)...oh did i laugh...yes rofl...i love twisted karma...

Anonymous said...

I have a list, I don't know if it is complete of 30 Marcy LP's. A busy young woman.

I Am The Invisible Man.............. said...

this album cover makes me want to kill

Max-Carlos said...

Hello Groove Grotto, Max here from New York, bought a Marcy vinyl many years ago, among many other pieces of offbeat listening pleasures. I eventually sold my collection but one of the few pieces that I kept was Marcy's, it is just so nutty. Did some research years ago, but only today decided to google her, the songs echo in my head, like some strange hypnotic chant, one that does make me happy though.
I was very pleased to find you site and am quite intrigued by your platform. Originally am from Albuquerque, been in New York forever though. Here is a site iI use for my art:
Thank you!

Mondo Loco said...

Hi Max!

Very cool stuff on your website! I travel to Albq. abt. 3 times a year...great town, great museums! Cheers....Mondo