Thursday, May 18, 2006

Kay Martin and Her Bodyguards

FINALLY!! After dozens of requests for this album, here it is in its glory! Kay Martin and Her Bodyguards! I actually found this LP at a Salvation Army about eight years ago, and it remains one of my favorites. Side two is particularly amazing. A couple of notes: I hope to remaster this again soon after getting my turntable in better shape. When I do, I will rerecord and remaster it again, but for now, this version is extremely listenable. It's uploaded here at 192 with flat EQing. There is some surface sound and some very infrequent distortion which is due to the actual record, not the record player or recording. It's very undetectible. I haven't dated this LP, but there is what appears to be a stamp (probably done by the original owner) that says 1957. Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!!

Side 1
1. Fever
2. Blue Moon
3. Big Mamou
4. Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man
5. Sentimental Journey
6. I Ain't Mad At 'Chu

Side 2
1. The Heel
2. Summertime
3. Swamp Girl
4. I Got It Bad
5. Johnny Guitar
6. Baby, Did You Hear

Kay Martin and Her Body Guards (GigaSize)

Kay Martin and Her Body Guards (Rapidshare)


QQF resident said...

The version of "Blue moon" is a real winner. Great. So is the entire album - upbeat and very fun.

Is the notable sound difference between sides 1 and 2 due to the condition of the vinyl (side 2 has more bass it appears)?

Anyway, I plan to spin this album again tonight. It's on the playlist and just in time too.

Mondo Loco said...

No, it's due to better mastering on my part (which is why I want to redo the whole thing when I get better at this)! :)

Michel LeGrisbi said...

Thank You SIR!!!!
This is great!
better than heroin!

Michel LeGrisbi said...

....not that i know what heroin is like....i just know this is great


thank you

julioxo said...

Wonderful blog that I will often visit
Thanks for the music

Mondo Loco said...

Thanks, julioxo!

Jason said...

Outstanding, some really great arrangements on here --- thanks!

Sander said...

Quite a discovery, this Kay Martin. Sounds very contemporary... great stuff! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I´m so seriously in love with this recording. Thanks a lot amigo! I added a track fro here on my first compil, hope you dont mind.

Anonymous said...

It truly is better than heroin.

Anonymous said...

Hi. Tried twice to donwload it - decompression ailed both times.

Mondo Loco said...

It should be working okay, however, I've been told that Internet Explorer has issues with GigaSize. Try using Firefox... seems to work fine for PC and Mac.

Remy said...

Wow, I've owned this LP for several years, but haven't had a record player in quite some time. Thanks much, can't wait for the remaster!

sascha said...

Great Record. Thanks a lot.

I never thought I would ever get to hear Kay Martin, after reading about her records. You made my day.

P.S.: And if you could post a better mastered version of side one, that would be very much appreciated. Side two sounds excellent.

Cheers, Sascha

Jorge said...

Great post !
Many thanks !

9 said...

cheers for sharing!
here is my two pence to your inspiration.